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New Year, new possibilities 

I can’t believe I finally made it! Twelve months without a smart phone. #nophonechallenge SUCCESSFUL!!  

I’ve actually done it for a whole year!

Ok, so I was thinking how should I start this entry? What exactly should I talk about? From which aspect should I mention this?

 I decided to just write what comes to mind. Because I believe that writing from the heart is best. Living without a smartphone has its ups and downs. I might say that I’m focused. Everytime I see people attached to their chargers next to the wall, I think this might have been me. But it’s not. At the same time, I’m not sure if they feel the need to be stuck to their smartphones the whole day. But at the same time I know people who always say “you know I never use my smartphone.” And I noticed that they tell me that only after I tell them about this whole experiment that I turned into my capstone thesis project, which has been going really well, so I’m glad.

There are so many things I want to talk to you guys about since this will probably be my last entry. I had a reason to type about my life. And there was a theme now there isn’t a reason to go on. So this is the last of my life ^_^ I’ll try my best not to make it long and boring.

When I first started this challenge it was because I was in such a bad place in my life that I needed a drastic change to prove to myself that I can do something I set my mind to. And now my graduation project is about this very challenge.

I cannot say that I lived without social media because I feel like I was forced to turn to skype and Facebook messages to reach people. I had to open Instagram more than once for projects in school and checking ads in my internship. I still checked Pinterest every now and then. So I cannot say that I had a social media cleanse oh and of course Deviantart. There were times where I missed my smartphone and I couldn’t wait til this challenge is over and others I felt blessed that I don’t have my smartphone. The fact that I did not know any celebrity trivia was freeing to me. I hated scrolling through twitter or Instagram and knowing something about some celebrity that would never bring value to my life. I could dedicate more time in things I want to learn in life and things I want to improve in my skills and so on. I had a problem with not being confident enough and I realised that problem throughout the challenge and now I could definitely say that I have gained confidence in the sense of I don’t need to hide anything from anyone and that I don’t feel embarrassed in just being myself and doing this challenge. I could say that I have had more genuine talks with so many people, because there wasn’t anything blocking the conversation which would be as simple as looking down at your phone for no reason whatsoever. I have also noticed a better sleeping pattern because there isn’t a tiny screen to stare at for 2 hours before I actually sleep. I’d definitely say that I have replaced my smartphone for my laptop, my notebook, my sketchbook and BOOKS!!

I get bored SO FAST!! I always thought having a smartphone would get rid of my boredom somehow but it never did. Without it, whenever I did get bored I would do something productive. For example I'd be working on a project then get bored so I work on another project then work on one of my paintings and so on. I can tell you that I got SO MUCH MORE productive!!

Living in our fast world in a rather slow pace compared to smartphone users has been very interesting to me. And I sure am not as depressed as I was in December of 2015. I think I have come a long way and I believe that people should realise that sometimes in life you just have to put your phone away.

I have become more aware and more focused in the now and the moment I’m living. It is an amazing feeling that I haven’t felt before. I’m sure people don’t need to do what I did to achieve awareness but putting down the phone helps in seeing the world around you; and being in the moment, rather than in your head and in your thoughts.

Also, I have realised the people who truly matter stick around and they actually look for you. This challenge has helped me filter so many people in my life and I'm glad that the people around me now are the ones who matter. :aww:

I think that should be all because that's too much to read and I do not want to bore you people. If any of you are interested in the research I have conducted regarding this topic for my capstone thesis project then just ask :D I'll be more than happy to share. 

Finally, thank you for reading all I wrote and most importantly thank you for those who supported me, kept reading my journals and were always interested in reading the next. Thank you so so much! You're a major reason I actually went on with this and did not give in to the temptation haha. Thank you!

It has been an amazing year with so many bumps but we stand strong jumping to the next level!
2017!! We can't wait to achieve goals with you!

Good luck and live happy. Use smartphones responsibly and SMILE!!


Sana Duhaiby
Artist | Student | Varied
Saudi Arabia
I'm not weird I just love being me.
after all the shit I've been through what I am now is pretty good. I like to admit that what I have been through made me who I am today :)


222 deviations
I went to a place
Where she stands

Her place is a trap they say
She does not please the Lord
The kings adore her
The town despises her

Only the ones driven by lust
Go to her and ask for love
She might refuse
Or break your heart

I knocked on her door
She let me in
A dove flew in with me
She was waiting for light

She was weak and fragile
I found her broken

If I had known
How to mend a Heart

I saw her light
I saw her beauty

She took my breath
As I sighed by her allure
She does not know love
She knows how to win
Love is a match
She has to surpass

She broke me down
Only knows to conquer

The kings tormented her
Her fear is her shelter

I stayed to touch her heart
To mend what was broken
To prove what love is

She was defeated
Showed me her bruises
Gave me all she is

I was her lift
This poem is about what one would see and help in their journey.

I hope you enjoy reading it :heart:

Any feedback or comments are more than welcome as always :aww:
You're an interesting one
A quiet one
Broken but smiling

Your mystery's been my muse

Always wanted to know more
You never gave me enough
Always touched my core

Took me places I know
Places I've been before
They were dim before you

You're waiting for your match
She's someone mesmerising
She'll get me jealous
But I know
You'll always be far away

Never fall for your muse

I often break these rules

You've seen my love
Seen my heart
Seen my secrets

Easily impressed

Hush.. keep it

That was the time
You told me you knew
But I trusted you
So I let it with you

You will never show me
I feel different with you

I never thought
I will meet someone
More mysterious than I

He swept me off my feet
In my own game

You beat me at my own game
Thank you for reading

The truth about something Heart

Any feedback or comments are more than welcome Aww
They see it every day
It's always around them
They see it all the time
They don't see it at all

They're blind to what is real

They took it for granted
So they don't feel it

Passion: gone
Love: gone
Romance: gone
Raw: gone

All their thoughts
All they witness
What they don't have

There's so much to hold
They can't hold it

They need to sing
To see they sing

Sing with the cold
In the magical night
Sing the song of love
And shed the tears
Tears of love

That's when it's felt
Real passion is touched
True love Love is held
Sweet Romance is owned
And raw is embraced

The song is not a trance
Nor is it a wake-up call

Don't sing because you have to
Sing because you want to
And when you sing
That cold cold winter
Will be nothing

Give off the vibe

Make them feel
Bring them to tears
The tears are the feels
Thank you for reading Aww

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Any feedback or comments are more than welcome Heart


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